The cheese warehouse of Thise is located in the Danish town of Bovbjerg in North Jutland, approximately 500 meters from the North Sea. This cheese warehouse contains the secret of Danish North Sea cheese. The care for this delicious spicy and yet slightly sweet cheese starts even before that. There are 7 organic farmers in the vicinity of this cheese warehouse. These farmers supply their organic milk to Thise. Thise makes North Sea cheese, which is treated with a red culture. This cheese then goes to the cheese warehouse on the coast after 4 weeks. There the cheese ripens for about 30 weeks in the special climate of the “North Sea” cheese warehouse. The special treatment in this cheese warehouse means that the salty North Sea air is blown into the ripening rooms via the ventilation system. The secret of the North Sea cheese lies in the ripening under 'overpressure' and the contact with the North Sea air.

Animal rennet is used for curdling.


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