Livarot, nicknamed Colonel, is a semi-soft, low-fat French cheese. It is prepared from cow's milk from the Normandy region. Its name refers to the village of Livarot in the Arrondissement of Lisieux, which belongs to the Calvados Department in France. It has a distinctive orange washed rind. In addition, three to five bands of dried cattail are placed around the cylinder. This is also the reason for his nickname the Colonel. Furthermore, the typical pungent aroma refers to cow dung.

The cheese is made from selected cow's milk that has been curdled quickly. The curd was cut twice and the whey was then drained off. The cheese is kept in a warm room for 24 hours with regular turning. This is followed by washing and salting. The initial maturation lasts at least 4 weeks. During that time, the cheese was washed several times. Then the rind of the cheese transforms to light red. This is mainly due to brevibacterium linens and orlean tree. A further maturation of 2-3 months finally produces the final product.

In 1972, the Livarot was given the name: Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. This means that the cheese is subjected to an extensive analysis every two months.

The cheese can be stored for four to six months.

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