Cave Rousseau is a unique, Dutch goat cheese that has matured in French natural caves. It gives the cheese a buttery texture and a slightly sweet taste. A rustic cheese with a natural rind, which can safely be called unique and magnificent.

Special ripening process

The aging process of Cave Rousseau is special. The cheeses mature in cave cellars in La Fruitière de Chambéry, where constant humidity creates the special and perfect conditions that give this cheese its refined taste. These caves are located at the bottom of the hill where Jean-Jacques Rousseau once lived.

The Cave Rousseau cheese was created by chance, when the Rebotton brothers once overlooked a delivery of goat cheese and left it in the damp caves for several months. Nature did its job and the result was amazing. This has led to a special range of cheeses, including this tasty Cave Rousseau.

The properties of Cave Rousseau

• Dutch goat's milk cheese, matured in the caves of Chambéry
• Rustic cheese with a natural rind
• Winner at the International Cheese Awards 2021/2022
• World Cheese Award, Super Gold Top 16 Cheeses 2022/2023

The Cave Rousseau is available per cheese of 5 kilos.


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