Kernhem is a delicious Dutch cheese with a washed rind. The cheese was developed by NIZO in Ede. Normally, cheeses are named after the area or city they come from. However, the cheese "Ede" or "Edense cheese" was not thought to sound tasty enough. For this reason, the cheese is named after the Kernhem estate, where NIZO was located.

Washed rind cheeses, also known as red bacterial cheeses, are semi-hard cheeses. During the ripening process, the rind of the cheese is regularly washed with, among other things, lukewarm, salty water. This process gives the Kernhem a unique full creamy and spicy taste.

Serving Kernhem
Kernhem is a delicious piece of cheese for lunch. It is of course also possible to serve this special cheese during a drink or just eat it out of hand.

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